Your Dose Today – Friday – EVERY CHAMPION HAS SCARS

Your Dose Today – Friday – EVERY CHAMPION HAS SCARS

If you are feeling the effects of the recession and you are an Entrepreneuer, Small Business Owner, Sales Professional, Retired or soon to be Retired Person, and have always wanted to start your own business, and you need help with how to get started, business capital, building business credit, or other related information I can help you get the necessary capital for your business and separate your personal credit from your business credit.

It doesn’t matter what your personal credit score is, if you have judgments, repos, or foreclosures.

You heard it right! It dosen’t matter! You can get financing in 90 days or less. Think about it, you could be well on your way to making your dream a reality by the time summer gets here.

What would your life look like now, then?

If you would like to make your dream of owning your own business a reality, keep reading. Otherwise you may skip down to read: Today’s Dose!

Please send me an email with your name, type of business, contact number and where you are in the process to with business in the subject window.

I will contact you to set up an introductory business credit building session and to explore your next steps.
Now here’s Your Dose Today
Life is made up of a series of experiences.
Each one will make you stronger, even though it may be hard for you to realize it at the time.

Life is your classroom in which you’re being tested, tried, and promoted.

Always try to stay in the midst of life and activity.
Don’t isolate yourself from the action.
Your character develops itself in the stream of life.

The setbacks and hardships you endure actually help you in your march forward to success.
The world was built to develop your character.

Life expects you to make progress in reasonable time.
You See, That’s why those elementary school chairs are so small. WOW! That’s Good Stuff!!!

Have a DYNAMIC day today and remember, “It All Starts With You!”

Copyright 2007
Reproduce freely but maintain Copyright notice.

Your Dose Today is the ultimate ONLINE TOOL for following up with your prospects and customers, and you can have it for FREE.



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